Arkansas, Maryland Enact Pet Protection Orders

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ARKANSAS and MARYLAND now make 19 states, and 21 political jurisdictions, that allow courts to consider the welfare of animals in domestic violence cases. In Arkansas, HB 2001 allows a court in a hearing for domestic abuse relief to direct the care, custody or control of any pet by either party in the household. (The original bill included “animals,” but was amended to restrict protection only to “pets.”)

Maryland HB 407 authorizes District Court Commissioners, in an interim protective order, or judges, in a temporary or final protective order, to award temporary possession of a pet belonging to either the respondent or the person eligible for relief. (The original bill would have ordered a respondent to remain away from a pet or service animal, or to refrain from cruelty or aggravated cruelty toward it.) The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and 17 other states (pictured in purple) have enacted pet protection order laws. (States in light blue have introduced PPO bills.)
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