Texas, Oregon Enact Pet Protection Orders

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Twenty‐three jurisdictions have now enacted laws enabling judges to include animals in domestic violence protection‐from‐abuse orders. In the Lone Star State, S279 was signed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry on May 27 and will become effective on Sept. 1. The new law prohrespondents from removing, harming, threatening pets, companion animals or assistance animals in the household.
In Oregon, S616 was signed by Gov. John Kitzhaber on June 7. The law allows judges to order any relief it considers necessary to prevent the neglect and protect the safety of any service or therapy animal, or any animal kept for personal protection or companionship. Animals kept for commercial, busagricultural or economic purposes are excluded.
Twenty‐one states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have enacted pet protection order laws since Maine initiated this Link strategy in 2006.