Animal Abuse Among Female Batterers

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While the overwhelming majority of domestic violence/intimate partner violence cases are perpetrated by men, a number of incidents are caused by women who batter. Research on the likelihood of women batterers to be aggressive to non-intimate partners, children and animals has been minimal. In this study, 17% of women who battered reported having committed at least one act of animal abuse since the age of 18, compared to a prevalence rate of .28% of women in the general population. The over-representation of animal abuse among this sample was consistent with that of men arrested for domestic violence. Furthermore, women who reported committing animal abuse were found to also show moderately higher rates of committing psychological aggression and physical assault against their partners, compared to women who did not report committing animal abuse.

Source: Febres, J., Shorey, R.C., Brasfield, H., Zucosky, H.C., Ninnemann, A., et al. (2012). Adulthood animal abuse among women court-referred to batterer intervention programs.

Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 27

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