Baltimore: Mayor’s Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission

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Mayor’s Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission

caroline_griffin.jpgWelcome to the Mayor’s Anti-Animal Abuse Task Force page. The Task Force was created in July 2009 after a young pit bull terrier-- who was subsequently named Phoenix -- was doused with gasoline and set on fire in broad daylight in West Baltimore. In response to this vicious crime, the Mayor asked us to report back to her in one year with recommendations for eradicating animal abuse in the City of Baltimore.

We believe that your input enhances our work. You are the “eyes and ears” of animal abuse in our community and you can provide us with relevant information in combating this problem. Many of you attended our public meeting at Polytechnic High School on September 16, 2009, and this webpage was created in response to your recommendations to provide a forum for the continuing exchange of information. While we do not have the manpower to respond to your individual comments, please be assured that we will discuss them at our meetings. In addition, we will post relevant information about our work and public meetings.

Thank you for your concern for animals and for public safety. We very much appreciate the valuable help that you provide in guiding our important work. - Caroline A. Griffin, LLC, Chair


Mayor’s Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission Caroline Griffin Interviews With Comcast Newsmakers


Show Your Soft Side' Animal Rights Campaign Features Burly Baltimore Celebrities

What do rocker Tommy Lee, linebacker Jarret Johnson and martial arts fighter John Rallo have in common?

They’re all tough guys who love animals.

These famously “hard” men and their pets are the stars of Baltimore’s “Show Me Your Soft Side” campaign, a series of posters, billboards and print ads aimed at reducing the alarming incidence of animal abuse in the city.

out Show Your Soft Side' Animal Rights Campaign Features Burly Baltimore Celebrities(External Link)

2011 Anti Animal Abuse Commission Report

With the creation of the Mayor's Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission- the
first of its kind in the country - the City of Baltimore has created a permanent platform to address the disturbing and far too common crime of animal cruelty. Read the achievements of the past year

We Are Proud To Announce That Two Baltimoreans Are 2011 ASPCA Humane Award Winners

ASPCA Presidential Service Awards

Caroline Griffin

In 2009, Phoenix, a female Pit Bull, was doused with gasoline and set on fire in West Baltimore. After hearing about this horrific incident, lawyer Caroline Griffin devoted her life to advocating for changes in Baltimore's policies and procedures to better protect animals and prosecute abusers. Caroline was appointed to chair a task force to examine the extent of animal abuse and neglect in the city and to improve the city’s response to the problem. In recognition of the effectiveness of Mayor's Anti-Animal Abuse Task Force under her leadership, the Baltimore City Council in October 2010 officially voted to make it a permanent standing Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission, the first of its kind in the country.

ASPCA Cat of the Year
Last January in Baltimore, two teenage boys trapped a young cat in a milk crate while she was nursing her kittens, doused her in lighter fluid and struck a match. The feline managed to escape from the crate, extinguish the fire and return to her newborns. Mittens, as she was named, was rescued by local police and animal control officers, and, along with her kittens, brought to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), where she recovered from the loss of her ears and severe burns. Mittens’ inspiring story garnered extensive media coverage, and she became the unofficial face of the fight for animal protection laws in the state. Mittens now lives with Cindy Wright, while the primary perpetrator in her case pled guilty to felony animal cruelty.(External Link)

Mayor’s Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission – Bill #10-0506 Passed

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