‘Psychopathic’ pet killer to be freed in two months, likely to target vulnerable, judge says

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Judge Malcolm MacLean called Kayla Bourque a “psychopathic and narcissistic” “sexual sadist” who’s obsessed with gore and violence and has shown no guilt or remorse.

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A former high-achieving Simon Fraser University student convicted of torturing and killing her family’s pet cat and dog will be released from prison in less than two months, despite fears she’s likely to violently reoffend in a case a judge called “unsettling.”

Judge Malcolm MacLean called Kayla Bourque a “psychopathic and narcissistic” “sexual sadist” who’s obsessed with gore and violence and has shown no guilt or remorse.

During sentencing in Vancouver Provincial Court on Wednesday, MacLean placed Bourque on three years’ probation with a long list of conditions that MacLean called the most comprehensive he’s ever seen.

“A probation order of that duration is necessary to promote her rehabilitation, protect the public and help with her integration into society,” said MacLean.

Bourque nodded when MacLean asked her if she understood that she’s going to jail if she doesn’t comply with the restrictions.

The former Prince George resident pleaded guilty to killing or injuring an animal and causing unnecessary suffering and pain to an animal and was sentenced to a total of seven months, plus an additional one month for possessing a knife.

A charge of possessing child pornography was stayed.

Bourque had served six months as of October and MacLean said he tacked on an additional two months to give her probation officers extra time to prepare for her release.

She’ll be monitored by the Vancouver police’s high-risk offender unit, abide by an overnight curfew, have no contact with children under 18 and stay away from places where they congregate.

She’s been ordered to have no relationships or friendships with others without first advising them of her history in writing, to not use a computer or the Internet except to look for work and then only under supervision, to possess no pornography and to attend counselling.

Bourque is banned from owning a pet for the rest of her life.

Court heard how Bourque was adopted from a Romanian orphanage at eight months old, was expelled from school for violence and has always struggled with relationships.

She earned As and Bs at college and university, where she took criminology. She was “fascinated with gore and violence” and has visited websites that focused on violence and spent time in online chat rooms for serial killers.

She has compiled information on serial killers since she was 14 years old.

She told an SFU friend she had disembowelled and dismembered her cat in Prince George and a police probe eventually uncovered a video of her eviscerating and hanging her family’s pet dog while she narrated the acts.

She also told the friend she wanted to get a gun and shoot a homeless person and that she wanted to kill someone in residence at SFU, where she lived.

Police found a bag in her room containing a seven-inch knife, razor blade, zap straps, a mask and a syringe.

“She was intelligent and articulate and preoccupied with inflicting harm and pain on others,” said MacLean.

He said Bourque showed no empathy and psychiatric reports showed she was a sexual sadist with “multiple sexual deviations.”

She suffers from a number of personality disorders, including psychopathology and narcissism, and “felt no guilt, shame or remorse.”

He said she will likely require supervision for the rest of her life and she “presents a moderate level of treatability,” but her rehabilitation has less likelihood of success if voluntary.

“She’s at a moderate to high risk to harm others,” particularly children, the elderly and the disabled, said MacLean.

“She’s likely to target vulnerable individuals.”

But Bourque is not psychotic and can’t be certified under the Mental Health Act, court heard.

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