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Animal Cruelty Actionline
Warning: These summaries may contain graphic details.

Attn Florida Residents! Please Attend Hearing for Florida Man Charged With Cruelty
(Viera, Florida)

Man Found Guilty of Horse Dragging; Sentencing Aug. 19
(Waynesville, Missouri)

First Felony Dogfighting Case in Tennessee Set Goes to Court August 17
(Soddy Daisy, Tenn.)

Dog-Kicking Case Going to Court
(Nashville, Tennessee)

Trial Delayed for Man Accused of Neglecting Cattle
(Holton, Wis.)

URGENT: Farmed Animal Neglect Case in Negotiation
(Wautoma, Wisconsin)

URGENT! Don't Let Prosecutor Change Felony Torture to Misdemeanor!
(Raleigh, North Carolina)

Trial for Alleged Horse Abuser
(Sloansville, New York)

Man Found Innocent of Starving Dogs
(Houston County, Tenn.)

Woman Accused of Horse Neglect Gets Horses Back
(Roseville, California)

Cat Breeder Partially Sentenced
(Boston, Mass.)

Woman Allegedly Attacks Dog
(West Monroe, LA)

Cruelty Charges Refiled in NC 'Hunting Dog' Case
(Parktown, North Carolina)

Tiger Abusers Sentenced in Riverside County
(Glen Avon, California)

CASE CLOSED: Dog Beater Sentenced
(Geneva, Ohio)

CASE CLOSED: Cat Torturer Sentenced
(Ellicot City, Maryland)

Man Accused of Dog/Horse Neglect Indicted
(Dawson, Georgia)

CASE CLOSED: Bear Neglect Case Dismissed
(Greene County, Indiana)

"Billie's Bullies" Pair at Large
(Whatcom County, Washington)

DA Charges Participant in Greyhound Killings
(Bay Minette, Alabama)

CASE CLOSED: Oregon Veterinarian Goes Free
(Banks, Oregon)

CASE CLOSED: Puppy Torturer Given Lengthy Prison Sentence
(Golden, Colorado)

CASE CLOSED: Man Who Shot Jogger's Dogs Sentenced
(West Carroll Parish, Louisiana)

Cats Brutalized During Home Invasion
(Elkhart, Indiana)

Update: Trial Date in New York Pet Shop Horror
(Mount Vernon, N.Y.)

CASE CLOSED: Cat Torturers Sentenced
(Franklin Township, New Jersey)

CASE CLOSED: Thomas Spencer Finally Sentenced!
(Winthrope Park, Georgia)

Import restrictions on exotic cats loosely enforced

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