Wichita-cruelty to animals

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Animal Cruelty
Theresa Freed

Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2005

A woman accused in a disturbing animal cruelty case says she is innocent. The kittens were beaten, and eventually put in a freezer and left to die. Kaci Kennedy who has been charged with animal cruelty in the case says she loves animals and there is no way she could have done it.

Back in June, Jon Doerfer says he found a family of kittens living in trash. He took the kittens in, hoping to nurse them to back to health and find them good homes. However, Jon says his roomate had other plans. After he brought the kittens home, his roommate (Kennedy) and her boyfriend brought home a pitbull. A kitten was mauled by the pitbull and eventually died.

Doerfer says shortly after that he came home from work to find the two remaining kittens in the freezer. One of the kittens fully recovered and now has a good home. The other kitten suffered servere frostbite and its tail had to be amputated.

Doerfer confronted his former roommate, Kacie Kennedy in court Tuesday night. Neither party had much to say during the arraignment. Yet, off camera Kennedy says she was no longer living in the apartment when this all happened and would never harm an animal. In fact, she claims she has rescued many animals in the past, one of which is the pittbull that mauled Doerfrer's kitten. She says she immediately had the dog euthanized. These are certainly two conflicting stories with one unfortunate act of animal cruelty still in question.

Peta is now involved, and is hoping whoever did this will pay the price. The price, being jail time, a mental health evaluation and counseling. They also want the person responsible to never be allowed to have access to an animal again.

A trial has been set for February 15th.
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