Poisoning/abuse/neglect in Turkey

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The city of Sivas has a shelter that's half finished. Despite all protests strays are brought to this shelter. However, we have managed to replace the - brutal - dogcatchers and caregivers of the shelter. The fencing of the shelter has holes in it. At night, the shelter is being accessed by unknown persons who steal the dogs and make them "disappear".



everyday life in Turkey 01-26-2005


The city of Sivas has a shelter that's half finished. Despite all protests strays are brought to this shelter. However, we have managed to replace the - brutal - dogcatchers and caregivers of the shelter. The fencing of the shelter has holes in it. At night, the shelter is being accessed by unknown persons who steal the dogs and make them "disappear".


We have contacted the mayor of Sivas and he is not undertaking any action. The actual responsible person for the shelter is the veterinarean Mr. Z ekeriya Guler, whi is not fulfilling his duties and obligations.

On the second day of the recent holliday, the situation at the shelter was abominable.


The personal cabins were emptied out, the dogkennels demolished, a female dog and her pups were raped. Other pups were killed....

We have taken the dead pups and placed them in a seperate kennel. We have found other murdered pups outside the shelter....their mother showing us the way.

Another dog that had been missing for quite some time, was also found there, dead. Empty beer bottles were everywhere.


We have contacted the media, “AP’’ en “Tercuman” and they have reported about this situation. But nevertheless, nothing is changing in the shelter.

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As long as the, non caring, non acting, veterinarean/official stays responsable for the shelter, nothing will ever change. I received this pictures from A Press Turkey.


The next day we burried the dead animals.

I cannot forget the look in the eyes of the motherdog as we carried her dead puppies away to burry them...


Bahcesehir (Istanbul/Turkey) Municipality shelter


The pictures above and below the text relate to the continuation of the story we so happily reported to you on October the 27th.


In the middle of the night 100 dogs disapeared without a trace from the shelter. The mayor had "no clue" about what had happened and questions asked, where the dogs had been taken to and whether the dogs were still alive, weren't answered. Most likely the plan had been to make all dogs from this Bahcesehir shelter disapear, bit by bit, without a trace.
By then, the first protest actions had started and due to the pressure caused by all the protestmails, the mayor offered a car and a team of people to help search for the lost dogs. Also, he dismissed the vet that he held responsable for the disapearance of the dogs.
A part of the disapeared dogs was found in a very poorly condition, close to starvation and dehydration. But still, no answers were given and nobody knew where the other dogs, still lost, could be found...and if these dogs would still be alive.
The size of the protestaction grew and grew, we received a call for help, you received a call for help...and the call was spreaded more and more...worldwide.
Now, thanks to the pressure put on the mayor by all these national but also all the international protestmails, he invited Mr. Mustafa Yilmaz over to his office.
Mr. Mustafa Yilmaz was promissed all help needed to find the dogs still lost, and in addition Mr. Mustafa Yilmaz was told that the Municipality was going to take over the costs of the Bahcesehir shelter, effective immediately.
The vet, that had been fired in connection with the disapearance of the dogs, is now gone without leaving a trace.
After some extensive searching, all dogs but 9, have been found again and have been returned to their familiar surroundings of the shelter. They will keep searching for the 9 dogs still lost, but we already know that 3 of them are no longer alive.
A group of 13 young dogs (ages 6 till 12 months) that was found severly dehydrated and starving...are now all out of direct danger.



Unfortunately the happiness didn't last long.

Yesterday we received a message that many of the dogs that initially were found again, were poisoned after all by order of the municipality. Mr. Yilmaz of the concerning shelter is urgently requesting our support.

out of 100 dogs we could get back out of the forest we are still searching for 40 dogs.
16 out of them, mostly female and disable/ill, were poisoned by the municipality and left back in a rock cave. All of these dogs were under veterinary control.
The order to slaughter was given by the major Mr. KEMAL AYDIN. The handyman and murderer was Mr. Ibrahim Salman. We have called immediately a notary to the place where we have found the dead dogs and got the official registration. We have found at this place injections with poison and gloves.
Furthermore we have called the news agency and recorded the dead animals. We have gone together with the reporter and the television team, carrying the dead animals in our arms, to the major but nobody opened the door. They have said, that they are not involved in the murdering of the animals.
Tomorrow we will go to the prosecutor because we can prove the opposite of it. We have sent the dead animals in three different veterinary faculties to make the autopsy. We are waiting for the results.

Mustafa Yilmaz

Manager of the shelter in Bahcesehir(Istanbul)



lBelow some pictures made on January the 9th 2005 at the municipal shelter in Bahcesehir, Turkey. Mr. Yilmaz is no longer allowed access to "his" animals. The dogs are all kept together in one large space while the kennels are empty. There is no longer any (medical) care, the floor is all wet because of spilled water and urine. Volunteers that were trying to feed the dogs, were removed by the police by order of the municipality. Mr. Yilmaz writes that the municipality has found a new way of killing the animals; they simply stop feeding the dogs, don't give any kind of (medical) care and keep the animals under extremely unhygienic circumstances.





Tuzla (Istanbul/Turkey) Municipality shelter


We (Shelters Aid Group) were in Tuzla Rehab. Center yesterday to clean shelter and to put 107 of dog huts that we finally had in a long run...
Everything is so hard and slow here, Linda.
They are still sick, cold and sad. You should see how they afraid of us, human, even while you're trying to give them a biscuit or whatsoever.. 9 of volunteers in our group was there yesterday and all of us entered in shelters to clean etc. and none of those dogs was aggressive. They all think you get in there only to hurt them.
Anyways, unfortunately we couldn't finish our job yesterday so, today, I had to go there again but shelter staff didn't prefer to help or doing their job instead of sitting in the main building and drinking tea. They are terribly bad people, you have no idea.
We took 4 puppies from Tuzla and brought them to a vet. at another place yesterday evening, we lost one of them this morning -I hope rest will cure *crossed fingers* and get better soon. . Vet. tried to check their temperature again and again but their temp. was under 31c.
One of the pups cannot walk, cannot stand up. And the other one had cough&high fever.They are still at our vet.'s clinic till they all get well but they have to go back to shelter soon...And also we found a dead puppy which was laying behind his other 3 bros&mom too when we got in a shelter to disinfect there.
That was heartbreaking...
Municipality shelter Beylikduzu (Istanbul/Turkey)
These are images from the municipality shelter of Beylikduzu (Istanbul). The shelter consist of a building and several fenced in area's. Some of the dogs can walk about freely and they can go inside to find some shelter from the cold. The municipality is supposed to pay for medication. The veterinarean working at the shelter, is not capable to either spay or neuter and he doesn't believe in treating mange or even open bone fractures. Recently, the municipality has stopped giving money to buy food for the animals.

Municipality shelter Diyarbahir (Turkey)

Starving adult dogs eating pups.
These pictures have been taken at the Diyarbakir Municipality Shelter on December the 13th 2004. The army is willing to donate their kitchen waste but the municipality people won't take it...
Mass poisoning Giresun North Turkey 12-26-2004
more dogs shot and poisoned in Giresun (Northern Turkey) on December 26th
In the mail we received today, we were asked to please spread this message worldwide so the entire world can bring pressure to bear on the Turkish government. Without pressure from the outside, this problem will never be solved. The mail litteral ended with these words: "Send this message and these pictures to as many people as possible so the world can see what kind of monster the EU wants to admit."
On the placard is written: "we are protesting against the poisoning of our dog by the municipality."
Municipality shelter Saray/Tekirdag 12-24-2004
Some recent pictures taken somewhere inTurkey...
Day-trippers in a recreational area thought it would be funny to pul a plastic water bottle over a dog's head and neck, just for the fun of it; the next images are showing the consequences.
With the limited means available, animal welfare people are trying to tend to the dog.

This dog was shot on December the 20th by a couple of hunters...
In Erzurum, municipal workers tied a rope around a, hopefully sedatiev, dogs neck and pulled him forward to....1-18-2005 Hurriyets Newspaper
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