Pitbull Torched in Baltimore

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phoenix_pitbull_burned-300x225 Again a pitbull is the victim of unbelievable cruelty, this time in Baltimore. The little girl that rescuers named Phoenix, has burns over almost 100% of her body and the worry of infection is extreme. Someone doused her with gasoline then set her on fire Wednesday around noon in the 1600 block of Presbury St. Initially taken to the Swan Harbor Animal Hospital, she was transferred to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) where the hope is that she will survive.

Found in flames, screaming in pain as bystanders looked on, a Baltimore Police officer, Syreeta Teel, used a sweater to douse the flames and called for help.

“This was one of the most cruel things I’ve ever seen. It hurt me to my heart,” said Baltimore city police Officer Syreeta Teel.

“We’re going to do quite a bit of prayer, a lot of antibiotics, a lot of bandage changes. Just sometimes, the body just kind of goes into shutdown, really,” said veterinarian Dr. Marcella Bonner.

“I think she’s going to get worse before she gets better, if she does get better,” Bonner said. “But she’s trying. I can’t believe she’s even survived what she’s survived.”

Officials call it one of the worse cases of animal cruelty they have ever seen.

“No animal deserves this type of treatment,” said Jennifer Mead-Brause, executive director at BARCS.

Police have no suspects and are continuing to investigate. BARCS is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone found responsible for setting the dog on fire. Call 410-396-4698 and ask for the animal enforcement officer supervisor at the city’s Bureau of Animal Control.

I have no doubt there are people who know who did this. There were people just standing around watching her burn. Now just to get someone to come forward. Honestly, I can’t say I hold out much hope but more surprising things have happened.

What is amazing is that despite the amazing amount of pain Phoenix must have been in, this sweet girl, who they believe may have also been involved in dogfighting previously, remained sweet and continued to wag her tail. Initially they thought her chances of survival were slim but they have more hope now. All we can do is wait and pray for this poor little girl.

Pitbulls, one of the most maligned breeds of dog is also the most abused and tortured. These dogs, which can be the most loving and loyal, that want only to please and will do anything trained and asked of them should be so much more in fear of “man” than the other way around! Banned, euthanized by the hundreds, beaten, starved, tortured, abused… trained to be angry and vicious… is it any wonder that on occasion they strike out when in the hands of monsters? And yet again and again, you hear the stories of these abused and tortured dogs, suffering and in pain, wagging their tags and licking the hands of their rescuers.

I am a person who abhors violence but when I hear cases like this, of horrific abuses against innocents; animals, children, the elderly, those who cannot defend themselves, it brings out in me an evil side that I never knew existed and I would honestly like to see the wastes of human life who think its fun, exciting, thrilling, to inflict pain and suffering, get a measure of what they dish out! I don’t want to hear that “it’s just a dog!” What about next time when it may not be “just a dog” and these scum are running free because someone thought it was okay to abuse n animal?

Animal abuser must be caught and they must be punished seriously! People continue to get a slap on the wrist; fines, probation, a few days in jail, what kind of a message does this send? None! I just want to scream!

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