Dueño condenado por lanzar 5 galgos a pozo

Escrito por Nuria Querol i Viñas.

 El Juzgado de lo Penal número 2 de Valladolid celebra hoy el juicio a un vecino de Alaejos, Álvaro del V. B., al que se acusa de haber arrojado el pasado mes de enero a tres perras galgas de su propiedad a un profundo pozo situado en dicho municipio y del que, no sin grandes dificultades, pudieron finalmente ser rescatadas sanas y salvas gracias a la intervención de los bomberos.


Queridos amigos de Scooby:

Hoy es un dia histórico, porque estamos muy orgullosos de anunciarque hoy hemos ganado el caso en contra del dueño de los galgos del pozo en Alaejos.Para refrescar vuestra memoria podeis leer al final de la página de nuevo la noticia de Enero.

El dueño se ha declarado culpable y el juez lo ha sentenciado a ( Todavía por confirmar) a:

-Una multa de 1200 Euros

-3 meses de prisión

-Inhabilitación para el ejercicio de la caza durante 2 años.

-Responsabilidad por las costas del juicio y los gastos hechos a Scooby.

-Responsabilidad por los gastos hechos desde Enero por el cuidado de los perros.


Dear Scooby friends,

today is a historical day, because we are proud to announce that today we have won the court case against the owner of the 5 well dogs! To refresh your memory, you can read at the end of this update again about the news in January. En we refer to the other news updates in January on our news page.

The owner pleaded guilty and the judge sentenced him (to be confirmed) to:

- 3 months in prison

- a hunting prohibition for 2 years

- a € 1.200,- fine

- responsibility for the costs of the court case and the costs made by Scooby

- responsibility for the costs we have made since January for medical treatment and care for the dogs.

2005 already was a year for Scooby we will never forget, but with this milestone it couldn't end much better. We will keep our reservations about the content of the sentence, but it is a fact that this hunter will be punished for the mistreatment of these dogs. And we cannot thank enough all the people who (financially) supported this action and those who took the time to send a protest letter after our call. This has contributed in a very important matter to this good result, so you can all be proud of yourself.

In name of all the Scooby volunteers and our supporting organizations: thank you very much for your support!

January 2005: 5 dogs rescued from death out of a well!

Yesterday evening, on January 6, we received an emergency call from a man from a village not far from Medina del Campo. He told me that he was driving with his car past a well in the middle of nowhere, when he lost some part of his car. When he stopped to take a look, he found the part and instead of leaving it on the place where it fell down, he decided to throw it in the 30 meters deep well close to him. After he did that he heard dogs screaming from out of the well, so he decided to call me.

Today we went to the well and with the help of the fire department we were able to save 5 Galgos, left to die. The rescue was very difficult, but fortunately and miraculously these 5 dogs don’t have serious wounds. They are in a very bad condition and dehydrated, and underfed.  And when you look at the photos, you can imagine that the smell was awful and I am absolutely sure that many Galgos died in there.

They all have tattoos in their ear and by coincidence a young man passed us while we were working on the rescue and just by coincidence half an hour later he reported that his Galgos were stolen. Too many casualties if you ask me, so we will see what the Guardia Civil is going to do about it.


The same galgo right after his rescue and right after he was put into bath

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