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Petition.for01_ This past July, a 16 week old black lab puppy was tortured and left for dead in a diaper box at a gas station. A man stopped to put air in his tire and saw the box and heard a whimper. He opened the box and to his horror found the puppy with PVC glue in his eyes, nose, ears and throat. His back legs had multiple fractures.

This is Buddy. Please help pass Buddy's law in Mississippi.

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This past July, a 16 week old black lab puppy was tortured and left for dead in a diaper box at a gas station. A man stopped to put air in his tire and saw the box and heard a whimper. He opened the box and to his horror found the puppy with PVC glue in his eyes, nose, ears and throat. His back legs had multiple fractures. The man took the puppy to the vet were he had to be euthanized due to his injuries . I can't fathom how someone could do this to a sweet, loving and innocent puppy. I cry when I think of what this puppy went through. He was probably wondering what he did wrong and why wont this evil person stop. Animals only want to be loved and they give so much love in return. The puppy in this story is named Buddy and in Mississippi we are trying to get a law passed to make it a felony for animal cruelty. I will fight forever if I have to. Buddy will always be in my heart and I will continue to help support my cause forever.



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Este último julio, un perrito labrador de 16 semanas era torturado y dejado a morir en una caja de pañales en una gasolinera. Un hombre paró para revisar el aire en su neumático y vio la caja y oyó un gemido. Él abrió la caja y a su horror encontró el perrito con pegamento en sus ojos, nariz, oídos y garganta. Sus piernas traseras tenían fracturas múltiples. El hombre llevó el perrito el veterinario era él tuvo que ser euthanized debido a sus lesiones. No puedo penetrar cómo alguien podría hacer esto a un perrito dulce, cariñoso e inocente. Lloro cuando pienso en con lo que pasó este perrito. Él se preguntaba probablemente qué hizo mal y porqué no paró esta malvada persona. Los animales desean solamente ser amados y dan tanto amor en agradecimiento. El perrito en esta historia se nombra Buddy y en Mississippi estamos intentando conseguir aprobar una ley para que el maltrato a animales sea delito. Lucharé para siempre si tengo que hacerlo. Buddy estará siempre en mi corazón y continuaré ayudando a apoyar mi causa por siempre.




This courageous woman in Mississippi begins a mission...

to make people who hurt animals, pay.

Pasado’s Safe Haven receives many reports of cruelty directed toward animals and each of those accounts strengthens our resolve to improve animal cruelty laws across the nation.

Mississippi cruelty incident reminds us of how Pasado died, and how he changed laws
Once we were over the initial shock and despair of reading about an incident of cruelty inflicted on a 16-week old black Labrador Retriever in Gautier, Mississippi, we knew it was time to turn our focus to the Gulf state. The person or persons who rendered this puppy blind, deaf and all but mute, also fractured his legs. Buddy, (so dubbed by Mississippians who are following the case closely), was covered in PVC pipe glue which seeped into his eyes, ears, throat and mouth. He was then left for dead inside a diaper box by the side of the road. Buddy would have died an agonizingly slow death if Gary Emerick had not happened upon him when he noticed his little leg sticking out of a hole in the box. When Emerick was told that there was no way to predict when someone from the Gautier Police Department or the Jackson County Animal Control unit would arrive to provide assistance, he immediately took Buddy to The Pet Connection vet clinic in Ocean Springs. There the staff quickly determined that Buddy was in severe distress and would not recover from the massive damage done to his body by the toxic substance. He was euthanized and released from his misery.

Read the story from The Mississippi Press here.


Buddy's paw...will his death change the laws?

The final insult is the fact that if, against all odds, the perpetrator of this heinous crime is identified, arrested and convicted of animal cruelty, a misdemeanor in Mississippi, the most jail time they’ll receive is 6 months. To Pasado’s, this very prospect is a crime as well. No reasonable person could justify this paltry punishment for such an egregious act of utter savagery. For those who love animals, the path is clear. Mississippi law-makers need to hear the call for justice. Justice for the animals and for those humans who will surely suffer at the hands of these craven individuals. The link between animal abuse and violence towards humans is well documented and should be taken seriously by legislators, law enforcement and the courts.
Help Us Pass Another FELONY Animal Cruelty Law
To that end, we’ll be working to introduce the legal language that with elevate animal cruelty to a felony-ranked crime and fight for a law that will give Mississippi police, animal control and prosecutors the tools they need to put animal abusers behind bars for as long as possible. How bad must things get before this action is taken?

For Julie Taylor of Biloxi, Mississippi, that day came when she read Buddy’s story. Never before had she heard of such barbarity. She mobilized almost immediately. We received a heart-felt plea for help in changing the antiquated Mississippi cruelty laws and Pasado’s is happy to say that together with Julie, her dog Milo at her side, and many others who want to leave a legacy of hope for animals and their human families, we will give it everything we’ve got. And we’ll need your help.


Your e-mails are needed now!
Please check the Pasado’s Safe Haven website over the next few months to see how you can make your voice heard in a way that will help animals in our lifetime and for generations to come. We’ll have a lot of work to do. Two animal cruelty bills were introduced in the 2006 Mississippi legislative session but went nowhere. These two bills, SB2410 and HB710, are weak in certain aspects including classifying a first and second animal cruelty offense as a misdemeanor. Law-makers plan to reintroduce these same bills, but we can do better for Buddy. In memory of this innocent puppy and the suffering he endured, the 2007 legislative session should pass a strong animal cruelty law and the act of animal cruelty should be considered a felony for anyone found guilty of the crime, notwithstanding the number of times they’ve been caught brutalizing an animal. Help us pass Buddy’s Law. You can start now by contacting the Mississippi media and letting them know that it’s time the violence stops. Use the talking points below.

• State your name and address
• Inform them that the news of Buddy, the puppy who was tortured and died in Gautier, Mississippi, has garnered national attention
• Let them know that it is an outrage that the culprit(s) who did this to an innocent animal, if caught and convicted, will receive a paltry sentence under the current Mississippi animal cruelty laws
• State that the law must change and be replaced with a strong felony animal cruelty law that will deter similar acts of violence against animals in the state of Mississippi
• Let them know that you are joining Pasado’s Safe Haven, a national animal welfare group, in their efforts to work for passage of Buddy’s Law in the Mississippi 2007 legislative session (they need to hear that this is getting attention from across the nation)
• Ask for their help in bringing attention to what happened to Buddy and how animal lovers everywhere are joining forces so we can leave a legacy in his memory.

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Thank you for all you do for the innocents like Buddy.


Photos of Buddy follow. The veterinarian's office gave these to Pasado's Safe Haven. We wanted to warn you BEFORE you saw them, in case you choose not to view them.

Why is it important to look at such things? To us, it ignites a fire of passion to work even harder in this dog's name. When we see how an animal suffered, it reminds us that we cannot run from the horrors of reality. That we must turn or sadness, into anger, and get something done that makes a difference!





Story from Miss Press:
Police seeking puppy's abuser

Saturday, July 22, 2006
OCEAN SPRINGS -- When Colleen Lennep completed veterinarian school in May she dreamed of helping the animals of the Gulf Coast. Now, the young vet is left wondering who could be so cruel to an innocent animal.

"I went to school to help animals, not to euthanize them," Lennep, a veterinarian at Pet Connection Town and Country Veterinary Hospital, said. "But, this had to be done. This act of cruelty was something that no class could prepare me for."

Early Thursday morning, a 16-week old black male Labrador Retriever covered in PVC pipe glue was discovered on Martin Bluff Road in Gautier across from the Singing River Grocery.

The animal's eyes were sealed shut from the glue. His mouth, the inside of his throat and deep in his ears were also saturated. Lennep said she was positive the puppy could no longer hear or see. His hind legs were also fractured in several places.

Animal cruelty is a misdemeanor crime and carries a fine on a case by case basis. According to officials in the Gautier Police Department, the crime can carry up to six months of jail time if it is extremely cruel.

The officials also said their policy on animal cruelty is to file a report, find the owners of the animal and file charges if necessary.

In an unrelated incident, charges were filed against an unnamed individual late Thursday after three dogs escaped his yard and mauled another canine.

Both crimes are currently under investigation.

Lennep said the entire situation was shocking to her and her staff and that they were disturbed by the incident.

"People who can do that to defenseless animals eventually think nothing of hurting a child or another person," Lennep said. "I urge anyone with information to help the police out."

Lennep identified "a good Samaritan" as the person who tried to rescue the puppy.

"He was getting gas and took the puppy to his home in Hickory Hills. He called the Gautier Police Department," Lennep said. "They told him they didn't know when they would be able to get there so he just went ahead and brought him (the puppy) to us. I know that crime has really increased in that area and I hope the police department will get those people, and now animals, the help they need."

After a full examination, Lennep said she knew there was no hope and euthanized the animal.

"When I first saw him I prayed he would have a chance," Lennep said. "But, he was nearly comatose and in respiratory distress. All he could do was whine and whimper. Like he was begging for help. So it was the correct things to do. It was the only humane thing we could do."

Lennep said the puppy weighed only 20 pounds and should have weighed about 30 pounds. She said she suspects the puppy was starved as well as tortured.

April Zachary, a veterinarian assistant for the office, said it was the worst thing she's ever seen.

"He was in such bad shape," Zachary said. "You could tell his mouth had been forced shut and it looked like he was held down in a bucket of glue. He obviously struggled because there was glue all over him and it was dried and cracking. It was the cruelest thing."

Bill Richmond, director of the Jackson County Animal Shelter, said unfortunately these type of cruel acts are common.

"Really, it just depends on your definition of cruelty," Richmond said. "We see people who just refuse to take care of their animals, and that's a form of animal cruelty in my opinion. And truly, I've seen animals in far worse shape than the puppy sounds like it was. Most of those kinds of acts are not suitable for your readers."




A dog's life that touched many

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Mississippi Press

GAUTIER -- An extreme act of puppy abuse sparked a nationwide revolution to change the animal cruelty laws of Mississippi in the name of Buddy.

Gary Emerick tried to rescue the 16-week-old black Laborer that was tortured with PVC pipe glue and left for dead. He found the puppy, now known as Buddy, taped in a diaper box and deposited by the gate of the Hickory Hill Nursery on Martin Bluff Road in Gautier.

The puppy's eyes were sealed shut from the glue. His mouth, the inside of his throat and deep in his ears were also saturated.

The Pet Connection's veterinarian, Dr. Colleen Lennep said there was no hope for recovery and was forced to euthanized the animal in July, leaving Emerick just wanting 10 minutes alone with the person responsible for the inhumane treatment. The entire situation was shocking to Lennep and her staff, especially since the person responsible would never be severely punished.

As the Gautier Police Department followed up on every lead received, thousands of letters requesting the law be changed from a misdemeanor to a felony poured in and several local and statewide politicians made their views clear.

Shortly after Buddy's death, state Rep. Jeff Smith began trying to change the law.

Smith said he would like to see a first offense of animal cruelty stay a misdemeanor, but then become a felony with a repeat offense. He's pushing a bill that would give repeat offenders up to one year of jail time.

"Anyone can err and de-serves a second chance," Smith said. "But a person who continues to harm innocent animals has a problem and needs to be punished."

Currently, the law states animal cruelty is a misdemeanor with limited, if any, jail time and a $1000 fine.

Smith said a bill was presented to the agricultural committee in 2005, but unfortunately it was overshadowed by bills asking for Hurricane Katrina support.

"I was told they had just not received enough input on the matter," Smith said.

House Bill 710 and Senate Bill 2410 are slated to return to the House of Representatives and the Senate when the Mississippi Legislation reconvenes on Tuesday.

On Jan. 15 all bills dropped before the Legislation will be introduced and the Legislative session end April 1.

"Hopefully," Smith said. "We'll have the support we need and can make the torture and abuse of animals a harsher penalty."

Rita Morgan is a national director for Pasado's Safe Haven put together an entire page on their Web site dedicated to passing Buddy's Law and making the abuse of animals a felony in the state of Mississippi.

"We're (Mississippi) one of seven states that animal abuse is still only a misdemeanor," Taylor said. "I know (Rep.) Jeff Smith wants the first offense to remain a misdemeanor and that's just not acceptable. We have to let them know it. We can't let this go. Things need to change and I don't want Buddy's death to be in vain. The person who did that to him needs more than just a slap on the wrist."

The Web site,, provides information on how to help change the animal cruelty laws in Mississippi.

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